Записи с меткой «Fastgod – E – Psalms»

Исполнитель: Anatoly Pereslegin
Альбом: Fastgod – E – Psalms
Год: 2002

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# Название Битрейт,
Время Размер,
1 Turn Thee Unto Me (P.25;16) 256 6:28 11.8
2 Thou Art He That Took Me Out Of The Womb (P.22;9) Are Them Mad Possessed By Pleasure And Pain; The Way The Go Through Darkness Of Suffering Is Endless (P.152;2) 256 6:51 12.5
3 The Lord Pays For Debts Of Mine; For I Am Naked To Death (P.152;17) 256 6:32 11.9
4 Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me (P.22;1) Assumed Alive In Fear Mortal As If In An Attire Dear (P.152;5) Be Not Far From Me; For Trouble Is Near (P.22;11) 256 7:15 13.2
5 I Will Dwell In The House Of Lord For Ever (P.23;6) Cleanse Thou Me From Secret Faults (P.19;12) 256 12:37 23.1
6 Turn Thee To Me (P.25;16) 256 16:38 30.4

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